Monthly Archives: July 2013

Rusty Satellite 5

Nick Weis and Perry Clark on Movie Making and Marijuana Listen to the podcast Again, an action-packed week of stuff going on. I convinced Nick Weis to come by the studios in the Highlands to talk about his documentary called “World’s Greatest Extra”. Nick,

Rusty Satellite 4

Rusty Show Guests this week: Bernie Lubbers and Steve Fehder Listen to the podcast. What a week, both personally and professionally. Here’s a link to this week’s podcast of The Rusty Satellite Show. Let’s just say that I had some of time freed up by

Rusty Satellite 3

Rusty Satellite #3 with Shannon Cogan and J.K. McKnight Listen to Podcast I am sort of getting the hang of this podcast thing. At least I hope so, even though I must point out to any of you who actually listen to the podcast that

Rusty Satellite 2

Rusty Satellite #2, With Adam Lefkoe and Kirk Kandle Listen to Podcast Listen Up! It’s podcast #2 of the Rusty Satellite Show. Kirk and Maya in Crescent Hill It’s been fun figuring out a new medium, and getting back into the groove of media. This

Rusty Satellite 1

Please Check out My First Rusty Satellite Podcast Listen to Podcast Well, now I’m a podcaster. Please check out the first edition of The Rusty Satellite Show. The premiere features two guests — Mark Hebert, with whom I discuss his job at U of L and