Mark Carter on Healthcare and Emily Gimmel’s Big Bag Idea on RS22

Emily Gimmel at the Butchertown Market


I found someone to make sense of healthcare this week. No. I still don’t understand the complex system, or how Obamacare is going to work, or who the winners and losers are. But I did talk with Mark Carter, CEO of Passport Health Plan, who knows more than you or I do. Mark deserves credit for turning around Passport after a scandal a few years back that exposed some lax scrutiny on travel expenses by some of its senior management. Now, Passport is back on track and serving its customers, primarily people on Medicaid who need help getting healthcare services.

I met Mark back in 2008 or so, and he’s become a great friend and supporter of my various blogging endeavors. Listen in as he explains how Kentucky’s version of the Obamacare web site is working just fine, thank you, even if Republicans don’t want to admit it. Of course, I’m doubly grateful to have Mark on because Passport is a sponsor of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Emily Gimmel is a tech-savvy entrepreneur who gave up a career in TV news and entertainment to run her own business ( right here in her hometown. And even though she may be best known for her role in the Louisville-based reality TV series “Southern Belles” that aired a few years back on SOAPnet, Emily has transitioned into an entrepreneur with a great chance to succeed. She has forgiven me, I think, for poking some fun at the Southern Belles series back in the day.

I have a few good takes this week as well — about U of L president James Ramsey, a complaint about the media coverage of Kevin Ware’s traffic ticket, more trouble at Greater Louisville Inc. and the first sales of season passes for the new Kentucky Kingdom.

Next week is Thanksgiving, and I’m thrilled to be making a visit to New Orleans to visit my son Nick, the inspiration for the name of this whole enterprise.