#372 – At Mae Pike’s Healthy Kitchen; Jim Lancaster’s Support of JCPS Tax Hike


It’s less than two weeks before the official election day, but like many of you I’ve already voted. I went to the Marriott East last week and breezed through in minutes, even though there were hundreds of others there doing the same thing. I can’t figure out why we haven’t voted this way before.

Of course, there are important decisions to made before you show up to vote – and not just on whether you’re for Biden or Trump. Locally, the JCPS wants more of your money, and wants you to vote to give it to them. Now, I don’t think that’s going to happen, but if you listen to Jim Lancaster, you might be persuaded that the future of our kids is worth a few extra tax dollars. Find out for yourself in my interview, which took place Oct. 16 in Jtown at Lancaster’s office.

Now I’d love to vote to have a healthy meal a couple of times per day. But for a lot of reasons, most of us can’t make that happen. Mae Pike’s customers do, by choosing to have her Home Cuisine business take care of the cooking. Listen in to my conversation with this entrepreneur celebrating 16 years in business making healthy meals from her St. Matthews kitchen.

I’m thrilled to be on the road to recovery after having ankle surgery for the second time in a year — this time Dr. George Quill had to take a titanium rod out of my foot, because it managed to crack at some point in August.

It’s a great time to consider making a move in real estate — check out this article about how to navigate the post-COVID market in Louisville. Also thanks to the show’s sponsors — the Eye Care Institute, Heuser Health and eXp Realty.