90 Day Reality with David Toborowsky; Catching Frank Abignale in the ‘Ville


You probably didn’t know that somebody from Louisville is featured in the Learning Channel reality series, 90 Day Fiance, but it’s true. And it’s an old friend of mine, David Toborowsky, who has spent much of the last three years overseas. He met and proposed to Annie, a young Thai woman and, voila, their story is now part of the show.

Now, David didn’t reveal any spoilers about the rest of the series, but based on the first two episodes, I can recommend it as a highly entertaining program. And you can hear about David’s journey on this episode.

My guest Frank Abignale is the author of one of the most amazing life journeys in human history. Frank is the model of the movie “Catch Me If You Can” which details his ability to pose as a pilot, doctor and lawyer on his way to making a fortune as a con artist. I spoke to him here before he gave a talk on fraud prevention to a sold-out audience at the Kentucky Center for the Arts. His trip was sponsored by the good folks at AARP.

Of course, all the news around here is about what’s going on at U of L — which this week fired its
long-time Hall of Fame basketball coach and gave the boot to it athletics director. We haven’t heard the last from Rick Pitino or Tom Jurich, however. Gov. Matt Bevin’s comments about how Colorado is dealing with legalized marijuana, upon further review, are flat-out lies. This week he unveiled a new plan to solve the state’s pension crisis that doesn’t include new revenue from gambling or marijuana.

For the gorgeous weekend ahead, I recommend a trip to the Mini Maker Faire at Fourth Street Live! and your local golf course. Enjoy the show, and please tell your friends.

David Toborowsky
Frank Abignale