Barbara Sexton Smith Energizes the City; Bardstown Bound with David Mandell


Some of my favorite Rusty Satellite Show guests are politicians and entrepreneurs, primarily because they’re usually entertaining AND informative. Today’s evidence of that point — Metro Councilwoman Barbara Sexton Smith and Bardstown Bourbon Company president David Mandell.

Barbara appeared on the show in 2015, when she was a candidate for office. She won, of course, and has been a tireless and enthusiastic leader who has accomplished much in her first 20 months. And she has something to say about the city’s need for a rate increase at MSD to solve some infrastructure problems.

I love David Mandell’s story, and you will too. The Philadelphia native moved to Bardstown so he and a few partners could create what has become one of the top producers of bourbon in the world. And they added the finest restaurant in the city, which opened this summer, along with an impressive bourbon library. He’s our Bourbon City Guest of the Week.

About that MSD issue. GOP candidate for Mayor Angela Leet is facing an uphill battle against Greg Fischer, but blaming a cab driver’s drowning death after Saturday’s rain event on Fischer is taking it a bit too far. And our loose-tongued governor stepped in it again, telling a crowd about the virtues of the ancient practice of indentured servitude.

At least there’s a lot going on this weekend, beginning with my alma mater coming to Cardinal Stadium for what will likely be a lesson in gridiron skills. It’s also Bourbon Festival weekend in Bardstown, and the Gaslight Fest is happening in Jtown. And please join me on Monday for a Breakfast of Champions with U of L president Neeli Bendapudi.

Thanks to Passport Health Plan, Louisville Tourism, Heuser Health and the Eye Care Institute for sponsoring the show.

Barbara Sexton Smith, at the Brown Theatre
at the Bardstown Bourbon Company, CEO David Mandell