Breakfast and Butt Jokes with Dr. Whitney Jones; Shelley Snyder’s Passion for Organ Donation


The city’s most interesting podcast ventured down the street to the North End Cafe, where co-owner Dr. Whitney Jones treated me to a vegetarian omelette and a few butt jokes as we talked about Colon Cancer Awareness Month. Dr. Jones, a gastroenterologist, heads up the Colon Cancer Prevention Project, which is responsible for getting Kentucky off the bottom of the pile of state rankings for cancer screenings.

Kentucky is changing the way you sign up for your drivers’ license, extending the renewal process to eight years, which might have been bad news for Organ Donation numbers, since renewal time is when people are asked to be a donor. But thanks to technology and the work of Shelley Snyder, Kentucky’s numbers are likely to increase as a result. Find out why in this interview.

I let you in on a secret – -the high-energy band Andy Frasco and the U.N., which played a show at Gravely last week. There’s a sinkhole at the Zoo, but no animals have been affected. Andy Blieden has another development idea for Butchertown. The Omni has been open for a full year now, and that’s not all you’ll hear in the 296th episode of this truly local production.

Thanks to Passport Health Plan, the Eye Care Institute and Heuser Health for making it all possible as show sponsors.

Shelley Snyder
at the North End Cafe with Dr. Whitney Jones
Andy Frasco and the U.N. at Gravely.