Cassie Chambers Armstrong Brings Baby and Energy Into Office; Talking Jerky with Jim Richardson


A happier, more optimistic Rusty Satellite welcomes two very interesting guests to the show. Did you say you know why we’re happy? Of course, it’s nine days after America selected Joe Biden as our next President. But this is a local show, and our guests are making things happen.

Cassie Chambers Armstrong won the Democratic Primary for Metro Council’s District 8 last spring, and ran unopposed in the fall. So she’s gearing up for her swearing in come January. But first she’s got a baby, due Nov. 30, to bring into the world. Born in Berea, she managed to earn degrees from Yale and Harvard before coming to live in Louisville. She’s energetic and progressive, and has shown her leadership skills in the Democratic Party. And, she’s written a book about women in Appalachia called Hill Women.

I’ll take you bad pun of the year award for opening my interview with Jim Richardson with “Let’s talk Jerky.” But Jim knows jerky as well as anyone, and has team with Spudz potato chip founder John Good to open a new manufacturing facility on Crittenden Drive. You can go there next Thursday for a tour and a talk about jerky. I’ve never been one to eat the stuff, but I’m willing to give it a try.

And if you want to order some at, use the code Rusty to get 15 percent off your order. Or you can pick it up at convenience and grocery stores.

Elsewhere, things are looking up in Louisville. A new brewery has opened in Butchertown, and I went to the soft opening of the new Gaslight Diner in Jtown. And next week is Louisville Pizza Week. While the virus is spreading at a scary rate, the city is getting back out there.