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Will Jackie or Won’t He? – and Dr. Ye Heals my Knee

Will he or won’t he? That’s the question I ask Jackie Green during a visit to his downtown bike shop. While Jackie was being a little mysterious, I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t announce his candidacy for Mayor soon. Listen in and find out why

Laughing and Chilling it Up with Darrell and Mollie

Rusty enjoys a few laughs with Darrell Holladay — now the former owner of the Comedy Caravan. In addition to telling a good joke, Darrell talks about the new ownership at the Laughing Derby, which opens this week in the Mid-City Mall. I’m also joined by Mollie Yunker, the

Mayor Greg Fischer and the Bourbon Landscape

‘We get 2014 started with a bang with Mayor Greg Fischer, who invited me down to his place at Sixth and Jefferson and showed off his bourbon collection (none was offered, incidentally, to his guest). The Mayor’s big idea is the local option sales tax

Closing 2013 with a Bang with Mark Coomes and John Ashton

Golf in December? That’s what we’re talking about on this week’s show, the last one for 2013. John Ashton is the man behind “Those Weekend Golf Guys” — now a nationally syndicated show about golf, if you can believe such a thing exists, that originates

Rusty Talks to Media Titans Neil Budde and Glenn Haygood

Neil Budde, the new executive editor of the Courier-Journal, joins the Rusty show to talk about the future of the local newspaper — and he’s optimistic. Neil, a WKU graduate in his second stint at Sixth and Broadway, says the paper’s focus on digital products,