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Man-Ding-Oh! Rusty’s 17th on Bats and Bourbon

The latest Rusty Satellite podcast is my chance to clear something up — Rick RedMAN is the spokesman for Louisville Slugger. Rick RedDING (me) is not him, though we share plenty of similarities. We’re about the same age, fathers of 3 boys and work in

Rusty Visits St. James and Chats Hemp with Mose

The Rusty Satellite Show went on the road this week to talk about one of Louisville’s greatest cultural events, the St. James Court Art Show. And then I talked with Mose Putney over beers at the Village Anchor about how screwed up state government is

Ideas Galore for Rusty with Claudia Coffey and Kris Kimel

I see smart people. Because I’ve been to the Idea Festival, the fantastic annual local event that attracts smart, innovative people with ideas to share. This week I went down there to the Kentucky Center downtown and spoke to Kris Kimel about the big event.

John Y III and the Coach on Rusty #12

When John Y. Brown III pulled up at the Highlands HQ of, he was able to park right by the door. Which, if you read Brown’s various “Musings from the Middle” on Facebook or the Recovering Politician, is the kind of thing that makes

Rusty #10 with John Asher and Angie Fenton

Louisville Podcast with Churchill Downs & WHAS A special day, August 28, as I was able to record this week’s podcasts with John Asher of Churchill Downs and Angie Fenton of WHAS-TV. Why special? Well, it was my 53rd birthday, which naturally brought up topics