Celebrating 20 Years of Young Professionals with Ann Marie Maldini; Physical Therapy Works with Dr. Brad Conder


What do millennials want? What do they think of Louisville? How do we keep them here?

The Rusty Satellite Show, the city’s longest-running and most interesting podcast, posed that question to 30-year-old Ann Marie Maldini, the executive director of the Young Professionals Association of Louisville. She visited the Re/Max Properties East studio (it so happens her Mom works in the building) toting a bottle of champagne as it was time for a celebration — it’s been 20 years since YPAL started. The real party is May 29 at Old Forester.

It took a professional physical therapist to diagnose that I had an impinged rotator cuff that was preventing me from swinging a racket. And Dr. Brad Conder patiently guided me through eight sessions of therapy to get me on the court again. Meanwhile, I learned a lot about physical therapy. Conder operates Focus Physical Therapy, and we did our sessions in Distillery Commons. Listen in to hear how he can help you with any painful problem.

I wasn’t happy with the primary election results — mainly in that instead of the progressive candidate with new ideas — Adam Edelen, state Democrats are stuck with more Beshear. But the attorney general will put up a good fight to unseat Matt Bevin, who must be embarrassed at winning a slim majority of Republican voters as a sitting governor. I’m encouraged that progressive women here and elsewhere are standing up to Republican attempts by old white men to outlaw abortion.

Also, there’s news that a favorite restaurant is closing, and two local publications have promoted women to the top spot at their local organization. It’s all in a new and exciting Rusty Satellite Show, brought to you by Passport Health Plan, the Eye Care Institute, Heuser Health and Focus Physical Therapy.

Ann Marie Maldini brought some bubbly to the studio
This works. Dr. Brad Conder works my shoulder