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  1. Susan says:

    Wondering what your viewership numbers are? One of my clients was mentioned on a show.

  2. S. Brandon Coan says:

    Hi, Rick.

    I heard today’s Rusty Satellite Show and you mention that you may have some other candidates for Louisville Metro Council (District 8) on the podcast. I’d love to be your next such guest. Please check out my bio and Plan for District 8 at: and I think you’ll find we have a lot to talk about! If you have any questions or want to discuss further, you can call me at your convenience: (502) 851-5652. Thanks very much!


  3. Barbra Armentrout says:

    You did a piece on Bellarmines Jim schurfranz Tom schurfranz and willie schurfranz.
    I live in Honolulu – Jim is my 1st cousin Tom 2nd and Williw third cousin
    Could you send me the link for it?
    Jim passed away today February 26 2016
    Barbra Armentrout

  4. Edgar Moso says:


    My name is Edgar Moso. I am currently volunteering for Colon Cancer Prevention Project. We are working on a survey and interested to know your cumulative information of your listenership, readership, or viewership, possibly from 2015 to now. Any information in regards to that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You,

  5. Tarik Nally says:

    Hey Rusty!

    I’d love to talk about what my startup is up to, and why I chose Louisville as the city to build it in. Keep up the great conversations!


  6. Kelly says:


    As always, enjoy the show. Keep it up!

    Here’s an interview suggestion. Bob Burke. He’s traveling around the country with an old woodie trailer acting as an ambassador for Bulliet Frontier Bourbon.
    He has a great story to tell

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