Cultural Attractions with Gill Holland and Kirsty Gaukel

Gill Holland

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Louisville Podcast with Gill Holland

In this podcast, we learn from Gill Holland about his plans for Portland, and perhaps in a bit of a scoop, that a $35 million hotel project could be coming to NuLu.

Gill, known as the Mayor of Nulu, may become known as the Prince of Portland if his plans for developing the part of the city just west of downtown come to fruition. It’s certain that he’s moving his own business operation there from the Green Building in NuLu. And with Gill, others are sure to follow.

We also discuss some of Gill’s movie projects, and I learned that 2nd Serve, which was filmed here in Louisville and finished up last year, is now available on DVD. You should get it. What’s more, Holland has movies in the Sundance Festival and many, many projects in the works. And there’s also the upcoming NuLu Festival, coming up Sept. 28 and promising to be the biggest yet.

Now, Kirsty Gaukel’s story about coming to America is worth a listen too. She’s with Actor’s Theatre, which premiered the first play of its 50th season Sept 5. I was there, and can tell you the play is action-packed if a little hard to follow.  “Noises Off” will leave you laughing, though.

Regular Rusty listeners will notice there’s no news segment this week. I recorded one, but my failure to execute the technology means it’s lost forever. I talked about this story in Insider Louisville, which details how the Courier-Journal lost reporter Marcus Green to WDRB, along with Jason Riley. On Thursday, I talked about that and other media on Terry Meiners’ show on WHAS84. Where, by the way, they’ve replaced Mandy Connell in the mid-morning shift with Leland Conway, who will be guaranteed to continue giving Obama-haters a place to vent their rage.

I also expressed my skepticism about the latest ideas on tolling the bridges (am going to have to get Tyler Allen on the show) and how idiotic the Metro Council’s West End contingent is for trying to stop crime by closing liquor stores from 2-4 a.m.

Nest week I’m having John Y. Brown III as my guest, and I’m sure we will talk about how Richie Farmer’s going to do behind bars.

And take note, if you’ve read this far, of two big networking events on Monday.  At 7:30 sharp in the morning, it’s the Breakfast of Champions, featuring U of L baseball coach Dan McDonnell, who I hope will tell us that free admission and $1 beer will continue into the future at Jim Patterson Stadium.

Monday night, come to happy hour at Vincenzo’s for this event, a chance to meet up with Insider Louisville’s writers and editors, including me. Should be fun.  You can buy me a drink.