Dallas McGarity’s Fat Lamb story; Airbnb Scoop with Jonathan Klunk

Lunch at Fat Lamb

This is the week we’ve all been waiting for — goat races are taking place on the streets of NuLu. It’s also show #299 for the city’s longest-running and most-interesting podcast.

I had the Ricotta Gnocchi and Lamb Ragu (delish) after my interview with Chef Dallas McGarity at the Fat Lamb. He tells me all about his incredible win on the TV show Chopped!, and how he manages to run two restaurants, one on each side of the Ohio. McGarity is a transplant from rural South Carolina, but seems firmly entrenched in his adopted city.

When I have questions about Airbnbs, I turn to Jonathan Klunk, who has created a thriving company, Keysource Properties, devoted to managing short-term rentals. With Derby approaching, a lot of folks are trying to figure out the best use of their local properties, and how to stay on the right side of the law. Jonathan answers those questions for you.

My political beef with the Governor continues, as he spent time this week signing a bill that makes bestiality a crime (not kidding) and railing on with the other old white guys in Frankfort about abortion laws. Locally, the Metro Council tangled with the Mayor over the $35 million that needs to be cut from the budget. And when I checked Wednesday, the top five stories in WDRB’s news section were goofy tales mostly about the misuse of guns by stupid people.

Next week, for show #300, I’m talking to Mayor Greg Fischer and police chief Steve Conrad, so make sure to subscribe to Rusty Satellite on iTunes. Thanks again to our sponsors: Passport Health Plan, the Eye Care Institute and Heuser Health.

Dallas McGarity at The Fat Lamb
Jonathan Klunk