Dissing Deadbeats with Carolyn Gaeta McLean (#100); Angie and the List

Guest #100 Carolyn Gaeta McLean

We’re celebrating the first year of the Rusty Satellite Show with Carolyn Gaeta McLean, host of the new TV show Deadbeat. In addition to sharing a nice bottle of Chardonnay from the Vines and Canines store across the street from the studio, Carolyn treated Rusty to a lively interview covering her sports radio host husband Lachlan, her experience as Kentucky Kingdom’s PR director and the challenges of juggling the titles of Mom, Wife and busy executive. Carolyn was nice enough to pose in an ill-fitting Rusty Satellite t-shirt as the show’s 100th guest.

Rusty is joined by old friend Angie Fenton to discuss a couple of interesting news stories — Indiana’s goofy warm beer law and the odd behavior of Metro Councilman Dan Johnson, who seems to think it’s OK to hire a guy who was fired from his last job for using the N-word.

And there’s so much more — a review of the Elvis Costello show at the Palace, discussing how Bob Sokoler is using a drone to boost his real estate business, and Angie asks me for the highlights of interviews with 100 guests. And did you know Angie’s getting married, and a real dog (literally) will be walking her down the aisle. Listen up for an extremely interesting Rusty Satellite Show.