Eating Well and Loving Life with Anoosh Shariat; Larry Horn Hones in on Entrepreneurs


It would do us all some good to hang out with Anoosh Shariat and adopt his “Eat Well, Love Life” philosophy. The famed restaurateur, operator of Anoosh Bistro and Noosh Nosh, found time to publish a spectacular new cookbook while battling cancer and keeping his restaurants going through the pandemic. And he’s got a really interesting event coming up, a cook-along-with-me-on-Zoom project in which he provides you with all the ingredients.

Proceeds from the book, available at, of course,, go to his Compassion & Cooking Foundation. Anoosh is also involved in numerous charitable causes. We first talked on the show back in 2014, then again on EatDrinkTalk in 2017. You could look it up.

While business isn’t exactly booming, it’s going down at Story Louisville, where I found Larry Horn, executive director of Amplify Louisville, which helps entrepreneurs in many ways. Or as it reads in Larry’s Linked-In page…”a founder-focused, founder-led organization that focuses on industry-agnostic startups, entrepreneurs and innovators that are building tech-enabled, scalable businesses that range from napkin sketch to Series A, to explore ideas, build solutions, launch products, and grow businesses.”

Larry’s lived the entrepreneurial life, and tells me how the community of ideas is adapting to life during COVID.

This weekend I’ll be at 14603 Valencia from 2-4 on Sunday for an OPEN HOUSE in a truly spectacular home. Listed for $584,900, it’s completely furnished and ready for you to move in.

In the rest of the show, you’ll hear who the 10 most inspiring women from Kentucky in the last 100 years are. Along with some news and politics that you might not already know. It’s what you’ve come to expect from the city’s longest-running and most interesting podcast, the Rusty Satellite Show.