Election Talk with J.P. Davis and the Monarchs’ Big 5-0 with Craig Zirnheld

J.P. Davis is in the Metro Council District 9 race

There’s an election on Tuesday, and 13 Democrats are running in the horse race that is the District 9 Metro Council primary. J.P. Davis happens to have raised the most money among the 13, but in this case that’s certainly no guarantee of victory. I talked with J.P. about the election at the Vint coffee shop on Frankfort Avenue, in the heart of District 9.

The Monarchs are a legendary Louisville band, born in 1961 and still playing the same ‘50s and ‘60s music that packs dance floors and gets them 40 gigs a year. Little did I know that Craig Zirnheld, with whom I went to school with back at Rutherford Elementary, would grow up to be the band’s lead singer. But he did —so we met for lunch at Khalil’s on Dixie Highway and talked about the evolution of the band that former Mayor Jerry Abramson declares is his favorite. Look, Homeward Angel, the Monarchs’ biggest hit, was released 50 years ago, and the Monarchs are celebrating by playing a big show at the Louisville Zoo.

In other news. those paying attention are focused on the U.S. Senate primary between Republican challenger Matt Bevin and Mitch McConnell, who has had to crack open his war chest just a little to assure what I assume will be a commanding victory on Tuesday. I’m also watching the race between incumbent County Attorney Mike O’Connell and Karen Faulkner, a former Rusty guest. The most incredibly laughable concept I’ve ever heard came from a law firm hired by Gov. Steve Beshear in Kentucky’s same-sex marriage battle. Even Kentuckians from Bone Lick must get that the idea that same-sex marriages will hurt Kentucky birth rates is ludicrous, but it’s the argument being put forth by our state in an actual courtroom. There’s also the opening of Kentucky Kingdom coming up, and I look ahead to the PGA Championship at a GLI event.

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