Erika Chavez-Graziano’s Sweet Success; The GOP Advantage in Kentucky with Phil Moffett


The business story authored by Erica Chavez-Graziano would make a great case study for budding entrepreneurs. Nearly nine years ago, Erica gave up on her thesis in school to focus on building a business in chocolate. And now there are 3 retail stores, more than 100 products, 21 employees and a thriving mail-order business, all operated from her HQ in Butchertown. Take a listen as Erika explains her business philosophy and passion.

Now that Gov. Matt Bevin is in office, things are better for Republicans like Phil Moffett, a former gubernatorial candidate who is now a member of the state House of Representatives. I talk with Phil about how the balance of power is shifting and what that means for regular Kentuckians, plus we talk technology.

In the news — it’s a big week in sports as the Battle of the Bluegrass heats up. Saturday’s game at Rupp Arena won’t be what many expected at the season’s start, as the fortunes of the two teams have been heading in different directions. It was slo a great week to celebrate Western Kentucky’s big win in the Miami Beach Bowl and Coach Jeff Brohm’s vow to be back in Bowling Green next year. There was that Steve Harvey flub this week, and I have an opinion on that. And Gov. Bevin didn’t take long to start fulfilling his campaign promises on social issues. All on this episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

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Erika Chavez Graziano of Cellar Door Chocolates
Kentucky State Rep Phil Moffett