Felipe Dieppa Finds His Home in the ‘Ville; Danny Flanigan’s Got the Gigs


Both of this week’s guests are talented, but come from completely different views when it comes to the ‘Ville. One is a lifelong resident, while the other just moved here. But they both love Louisville and are doing their part to make it better.

Felipe Dieppa knew from an early age, growing up in New York, that he wanted a career in movie-making, he just never imagined he’d be doing it in Louisville. As an actor and producer, he just completed shooting on a film “Going Nowhere” that was shot in town and will be released to film festival and hopefully to streaming services. But Dieppa believes it’s only the start for making movies in the ‘Ville. I went to Dieppa’s home in Old Louisville for the interview.

Six years ago, I interviewed Danny Flanigan about his music career, the places he played and the local music scene. The only thing that’s really changed is that now Danny sports a COVID beard, and he may be busier than ever, playing in a tribute band, another band, and a regular Wednesday gig with LittleBand at Street Grub and Hops in St. Matthews. That’s a building he remembers playing a lifetime ago, just around the corner from his home.

Of course, the news on COVID is bad, and getting worse, and I blame it all on idiots who won’t get vaccinated, and on politicians Rand Paul and Thomas Massie who continue to sow doubt on the effectiveness of vaccines and masks. This despite the fact that more than 90 percent of new cases are unvaccinated people whose ignorance is filling up local hospitals.

Thankfully, more event venues are announcing vaccine requirements for admission, which should at least keep the unvaxed from sitting next to me in public. But I don’t see any relief for the school system, which is seeing unprecedented numbers of people needing to quarantine. Expect more restrictions from the government in the next few weeks.

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