Hat Tip to Riot Cafe’s Olivia Griffin; Mae Pike Is Ready to Hop into Easter


Did you miss me? The Rusty Satellite Show returns from a 3-week break with two fantastic guests and some stories about Florida.

Olivia Griffin at the Riot Cafe

First up is Olivia Griffin, a native San Franciscan who originally came to Louisville to sell hats. Once she arrived, she loved it and made the ‘Ville her home. I had noticed the buzz her bar The Limbo has generated in its three-year existence, but Griffin has really made a name for herself with the Riot Cafe at 4th and Chestnut. Griffin was actively helping those involved in downtown protests, and now her five-week-old Riot Cafe serves as a tribute to those days and a respite in a downtown which has seen many shops close.  She’s doing a turn with Apron Inc.’s Chef in a Box promotion this week.

You may know Mae Pike by now as the owner of Home Cuisine, the healthy meal provider. But as I learned, she’s also a big Easter fan and dresses up in this bunny costume every year. Mae also helps me get back in track with food and is moving me to her Paleo menu.

OK. so the big story in Florida was my proposal to Paula, which got a crazy amount of attention back home. My relationship with Paula dates to the beginning of the Rusty Satellite Show, so that’s something.

But I did a whole lot of walking and bike-riding in Ft. Myers, where every thoroughfare is bike-friendly. It got me a little riled up when I think about all the locals here who show disdain for bike paths and even call the Mayor by a bike-focused

Mae Pike in her bunny suit

negative nickname. We just can’t be a healthy community without more focus on making exercise easy, like every city in Florida does.

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