Haven Harrington’s EXTREME Football Plan; Hanging Out at Oak and Swan with John Webb


Anybody up for a mental health break? At least a few minutes where we are not bombarded by social media and TV about the election, the one that’s finally arriving, should I say ending, on Tuesday.

The Rusty Satellite Show is here for that. The city’s longest-running and  most interesting podcast welcomes Haven Harrington, who visited me at the Rick Robey’s eXp Realty office in Middletown to talk sports — mainly his leadership of the city’s newest professional team, the Louisville Extreme. Harrington hopes to showcase his Arena Football team next spring before a packed house at a location we can’t tell you about.

A long-time political activist, we mixed in some thoughts on local races as well.

John Webb believes in improving his neighborhood. That’s why he converted a vacant building on Oak, right next to a bar, into an old-fashioned neighborhood barber shop, complete with juke box and a vintage Coke machine. By spring, he hopes to open a coffee shop out back, further developing the area in Germantown near Shelby Park into a thriving, walkable place to live.

There’s  big news at U of L, which announced that it will allow 3,000 fans in for basketball games this winter, despite this wave of coronavirus that seems unwilling to relent. And the school is building a $24 million dorm, primarily for athletes, on Floyd Street. I’ll tell you about some podcasts and audiobooks I’m listening to, and invited you to an Open House Sunday at 14603 Valencia Drive from 2-4.

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