Ideas Galore for Rusty with Claudia Coffey and Kris Kimel

Kris Kimel

I see smart people.

listen to podcastBecause I’ve been to the Idea Festival, the fantastic annual local event that attracts smart, innovative people with ideas to share. This week I went down there to the Kentucky Center downtown and spoke to Kris Kimel about the big event. Also, I went to see Chris Bliss talk about comedy and juggle some balls to Beatles music. That was fun, and I got to meet and talk with Chris at the Taste of Innovation event at Churchill Downs. If you missed it, I wrote some preview stores for Insider Louisville here and here.

In this show, I also talk briefly about this story about Neil Budde and the Courier-Journal and about this piece, among the first products of the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting. You may remember that Brendan McCarthy of the Center as a Rusty guest. If Rusty was a call-in show, I would have liked to have heard the opinions of listeners on the topics of relationships among co-workers.

And here’s a link to the Claudia Coffey story on WHAS-TV about human trafficking that we talk about on the show.

As you’ll learn from Kimel, you haven’t missed the whole Idea Festival yet. In fact, I hope you’ll come by the NuLu Festival this weekend (I’ll be at the Insider Louisville booth in the afternoon) and enjoy what has become a huge event.