John King’s Miraculous Journey; Chad Broskey Brings the Talent Home


If you’re looking for some good news, an  uplifting couple of stories, you’ve come to the right place. The Rusty Satellite Show features one of the city’s most beloved individuals, John King, and Chad Broskey, who has returned to his hometown to apply his talent management expertise to helping aspiring actors get work.

Until Memorial Day weekend, John King was living a good life, active in his church community and involved in some business ventures. But when some pain led him to get checked out by a doctor, the prognosis was grim. He spent a month in the hospital, and says he was told by doctors that the cancer he was living with had spread throughout his body. Faced with a reckoning with mortality, King underwent aggressive treatment. He also learned about the lives he’d touched in 59 years, and received an outpouring of support. After an event that drew 450 supporters at St. Raphael, he said it was like going to his own funeral, as you’ll hear in this inspiring interview that took place at Fante’s Coffee.

Chad Broskey wasn’t planning to come home. The YPAS graduate had moved to L.A. out of high school, found some success as an actor, and transitioned into a career in talent management. Then he got a call from Kathy Campbell, who wanted him to buy the Heyman Talent agency in Louisville. That was last November, and Broskey has a full roster of clients getting work from his spacious office in Butchertown. You’ll enjoy his story as well.

Personally, it’s been a heart-wrenching and retrospective week. Also on Wednesday, I attended the funeral visitation of my Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity brother Bob Leidgen, along with seven of my brothers. Bob died unexpectedly.  He was a wonderful family man, businessman and had a lot of fun in his 62 years.  But when someone you partied with passes away, you can’t help but think about mortality and how to make the most of the time we have on Earth.

There’s much more to talk about, including a new podcast series from the Courier-Journal focused on my high school, Iroquois, that I’m looking forward to hearing. It’s all on the most interesting podcast in the ‘Ville, the Rusty Satellite Show, sponsored by Hectare’s CBD, Salsarita’s and eXp Realty.