John Ramsey and “The Champ”; Heather O’Mara on Orchestrating Teddy


A special Rusty Satellite Show begins with an emotional interview with John Ramsey, one of Muhammad Ali’s best friends who will be delivering a eulogy and serving as a pallbearer at this week’s funeral for The Champ. Ramsey does a great voice impression of the Greatest, and talks about the legacy of the G.O.A.T. — the greatest of all time.

Heather O’Mara is the public relations and marketing manager for the Louisville Orchestra, and does her best to keep up with LO chief Teddy Abrams. O’Mara tells the story of an Opera production featuring Ali several years ago, and of the meeting between Abrams and Ali.

Plus, I’ve got updates and News from around town about restaurant openings and the big weekend in Jeffersontown, and an opinion or two. Tell your friends about the Most Interesting People you hear on the Rusty Satellite Show.

Heather O’Mara, manager of public relations for the Louisville Orchestra, came by the studio
In his office, John Ramsey with an original photo of Ali and the Beatles.