Jou Jou Papallier’s Next Movie; Jackie Green Has a Clear Vision for the City


While I believe the ultimate winner of Louisville’s Mayor’s Race is no mystery, I think we can all learn something by listening to the ideas of ALL the candidates. And as Jackie Green will tell you, he’s the only one in the race with a real vision for the future. Jackie’s focus is on climate change and how we can actually do something about it around here.

First up is Jou Jou Papallier, who may be the next native to become a movie star. At least he’s got a major role in a new movie. River Runs Red, that starts Taye Diggs and John Cusack. But Jou Jou has plenty of other show business activities — he’s produced a one-man play and has his own film that is expected to start shooting here in the next few months.

The big story this week is a bit of an embarrassment to the city, if you ask me, as a bunch of old folks in Hurstbourne have managed to create a big controversy over putting an entertainment facility in an existing shopping mall. Let’s hope by the time you hear this Topgolf will have received Zoning Commission approval. It’s the kind of attitude that has young people thinking the ‘Ville is missing its mark, as a C-J story pointed out this week.

Meanwhile, there’s plenty of good stuff to do around here, like Saturday’s Keith Urban show at the Yum! Center. Thanks to Passport Health Plan, Eye Care Institute and Heuser Health for sponsoring the show.

Candidate for Mayor Jackie Green at his downtown bike shop
Actor/Producer/Director Jou Jou Papallier