All Smiles with Michael Ray; Paristown Pointe Gets Chill with Jeanne Hilt

Michael Ray in studio

This show, the city’s longest-running and most interesting podcast, has managed to outlast Bevin the Bully, who went down to defeat by Baby Beshear in a historic election. In red-state Kentucky, you will win a statewide election as a Republican — if you’re not an asshole. Of course, like any whiny bully, Bevin is contesting the results, with no evidence of any “irregularities”, while Beshear is busy planning his administration.

All of the other statewide races went overwhelmingly to Republicans, even the surprising defeat of Heather French Henry for Secretary of State, who ran a campaign that said, basically, vote for me because I was Miss America once. She also turned down numerous opportunities to be a guest here. But the good news is that Republicans all over came out to vote their ticket, but made a special effort to exclude Bevin from their ballot — even after a desperate last-second visit from Donald Trump.

That’s the backdrop for this episode, in which kindness is king. Michael Ray heads up Smile Project Louisville, which calls attention to something we should all do – be kind to one another His daughter is autistic, and inspired Michael to change his life with an idea that’s exploded on social media.

Jeanne Hilt at Paristown Pointe

I also went down to Parstown Pointe, where Jeanne Hilt is as busy as Santa Claus planning for the big day. This weekend it’s a barrel roll event you don’t want to miss, and soon they’ll be installing an ice rink and a laser dome for a special holiday event. The place has totally transformed since I interviewed Stoneware president Steve Smith about the plans two years ago.

From the REMAX Properties East studio, I’ve got updates on a few Rusty Satellite alumni — Joe Pusateri has sold Elite Homes; Andy Treinen has become president of the Frazier Museum, and my old pal Dennie Humphrey has opened the High Horse Bar on Story.

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