Kicking It Around with Amanda Duffy; Sam Miller’s Book Trip


it’s fun to be surprised, right? Well, I was amazed at the atmosphere at last Saturday’s Louisville City FC soccer game at Slugger Field, where almost 7,500 fans turned out to make some noise in support of the home team. Yes, Louisville lost, but that didn’t distract from the fun. And to be honest, I couldn’t figure out much about what was happening on the “pitch.” So I sought out the team’s energetic general manager, Amanda Duffy, to talk about the organization’s success.

A few weeks back, I read the book Sam Miller sent me called Interstate Providence. While I was reading, I kept stumbling on to some recognizable names and phrases, such as Old Rosebud, Paul Jones and Lil E. Tee. Of course, those are among the 120 Derby winners dropped into the text of Sam’s first novel. It’s about loss, and a literal journey to recovery, after the main character lost his fiancee and job in one horrible afternoon. Sam talks about it, and we give you a chance to win a copy.

In the news, a horrible murder in Bullitt County illustrates our city’s devastating drug culture. Every news organization, politician and business seems focused on distancing themselves from the Confederate Flag, and despite a large downtown protest, the FOP chief will not likely be punished for his threatening public letter. I went to see the movie Entourage last week, and talk about what I call “Sex and the City for Guys”. There’s plenty of cool stuff going on, but you beer lovers should make a point to come downtown for the Casks for a Cause event on Saturday, before taking in the soccer match at Slugger. All this, and more, on this week’s Rusty Satellite Show.

Louisville City FC GM Amanda Duffy. Photo: Bill Brymer
Novelist Sam Miller. Photo: Bill Brymer