Kicking It with Wayne Estopinal and Learning Library with Craig Buthod

Wayne Estopinal is bringing professional soccer here

For our 51st show, featuring guests number 98 and 99, I ventured over to Indiana to talk with Wayne Estopinal about how he engineered moving a professional soccer team to Louisville. The team’s first home game will be sometime in March at Slugger Field, and thousands of local soccer enthusiasts will be there. At least that’s what Wayne says. There’s plenty of construction going on outside the Louisville Free Public Library downtown, so it was odd that we had a hard time finding a quiet place to talk with Library Director Craig Buthod. You’ll learn some interesting facts about how the library works and who is using it. I ask about the progress of construction on the new Southwest branch, and learn how Buthod has adjusted to the city since moving here from Seattle in 1998.

I’m thrilled to be buying a house in Jeffersontown, and you’ll hear a little bit about how ex-Rusty guest Bob Sokoler of Re/Max Properties East is helping me through the process. There’s news at the Courier-Journal, which is once again laying off staffers, among them some long-time veterans of operation at Sixth and Broadway. I can’t figure out why someone like James Quick, a rising sophomore on the U of L football team, would be smoking weed in his on-campus apartment. Nor can I figure out why noted bad kid Joshua Young would call his girlfriend from jail 184 times after a Judge ordered him not to. And why would a guy who owns a horse who won the first two legs of the Triple Crown make such a spectacle of himself after his horse lost the Belmont?

It’s all in episode #51 of the Rusty Satellite Show.


  1. Rick
    Thanks for covering professional soccer in Louisville, well done and it was an honor to be on your show. Let us know what we can do to help you in the future. Looking forward to First Kick of Louisville City FC in April 2015!
    Best Regards.