Larry Sinclair at the 13th Hole; Christen Boone on Raising Funds for the Arts

Larry Sinclair directs corporate sales for the PGA

I talked the PGA’s Larry Sinclair into taking me around Valhalla on a golf cart this week, and we conducted our interview on some pricey real estate. At least it will be when the PGA Championship starts next week. Larry’s got a cool job, selling corporate sponsorship packages to corporations who believe it’s worth a six-figure sum to entertain guests at Valhalla for a week.

In a way, Christen Boone has a similar responsibility — she’s charged with convincing executives and employees to give their hard-earned cash to the Arts. Interestingly, she’s taking over an organization, the Fund for the Arts, that is one of the oldest and most successful of its type in the country. And she’s balancing the demands of being a Mom to three young boys with a demanding career.

There’s plenty of news to discuss — like why the Clark County Sheriff would ask a prostitute to check in to a Louisville hotel disguised as one of his staff members. The answer, of course, was to save $25 by getting the government discount on the room. Not kidding. Also, these stories — tax incentives for a religious theme park, opposition to gay marriage is waning, and an age-discrimination trial against the Courier-Journal is causing the newspaper’s parent to reveal some embarrassing numbers. But for us regular folks, it’s all about the PGA and the new Outlet Shoppes opening next week in Simpsonville.

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