New to Me — Brigid Kaelin Sings a Love Song; Stacey Servo on New2Lou

Brigid, and Graham, at home

It’s Valentine’s Week, and the Rusty Show presents romantic advice for listeners. Not really, but it’s the first time Rusty has welcomed two female guests in the same show, and both Stacey Servo and Brigid Kaelin offer Rick some advice on the big day. Stacey is the creator of New2Lou, which holds some wonderful social events for folks who are new to town. Stacey moved here from Seattle seven years ago.

Brigid Kaelin, on the other hand, is a lifelong Highlands native who teaches piano, plays music, writes a blog and most importantly is Mom to Graham, age 17 months. It’s worth staying tuned in to hear her song about eggs and toast. Trust me, it’s romantic.

My Top Five stories in the news take in a wide range of topics. WDRB’s Bill Lamb’s editorial criticizing the Courier-Journal is getting plenty of attention online, as Bill seems to think the paper has some influence on a huge polling organization used by multiple media outlets. The good news is that a U.S. District Judge ruled Kentucky’s ban on recognizing same-sex marriages performed in other states is unconstitutional, a big victory for gay rights. Meanwhile, your non-sensical Kentucky lawmakers are busy making sure you can’t spend your money at an in-state casino while protecting your right to carry a gun into a bar. And on Valentine’s weekend, there’s a cool new app created right here that you have to see.