Man-Ding-Oh! Rusty’s 17th on Bats and Bourbon

Rick RedMAN, left, and Rick RedDING at the Slugger Museum

The latest Rusty Satellite podcast is my chance to clear something up — Rick RedMAN is the spokesman for Louisville Slugger. Rick RedDING (me) is not him, though we share plenty of similarities. We’re about the same age, fathers of 3 boys and work in media. So we had a little fun with it, including a story Redman tells about accepting accolades for his newswriting prowess. I’m often mistaken for Redman.

One of the themes of my guest list on the Rusty show is a lot of people who have jobs I’d like to have, like Redman’s cool post at Louisville Slugger and the new gig my friend Fred Minnick landed at the Derby Museum. Fred’s the new Bourbon Authority there, and will be giving talks and overseeing tastings for tourists and business groups. Sounds fun. Fred really seems to be the right guy for the job. You can find more details about that HERE.  And there’s more on Fred’s new book, Whiskey Women, a history book about the role of women in Kentucky’s most-celebrated industry.

And below, we’ve got a fancy new device to make it even easier for you to listen. Just click on the arrow and turn up your sound.