Mayor Greg Fischer and the Bourbon Landscape

Getting the scoop from Mayor Fischer

‘We get 2014 started with a bang with Mayor Greg Fischer, who invited me down to his place at Sixth and Jefferson and showed off his bourbon collection (none was offered, incidentally, to his guest). The Mayor’s big idea is the local option sales tax he’s been pushing, but whether politicians in Frankfort buy into an idea that makes perfect sense will be played out in the legislature this year. Certainly I would liked to have had more time, but the Mayor had plenty to say about his agenda for 2014.

I spent much of the holiday break on the couch binge-watching House of Cards and Scandal on Netflix. And then Josh got me 60 hours of what he claims is the best TV show ever — Wired. So there’s a long way to go, and I’ve got plenty to do if we get snowed in. Which is a possibility around here. Enjoy the first Rusty Satellite Show of 2014.