Nan Elpers’ Topless Freedom; the Tom Jurich Juggernaut


Last Saturday’s Free the Nipple walk in the Highlands created quite a local stir, getting loads of local media coverage and big crowds of onlookers. But did yo know it was organized by a high school student? Meet Nan Elpers of St. Francis High School, who explains to me how it all started with a Facebook post and may have changed the course of her life — for the better.

17 years ago, as a reporter at Business First, I was able to convince Tom Jurich to sit down with me for a lengthy interview. At the time, Jurich was 10 months into the job, dealing with getting rid of football coach Ron Cooper, signing Denny Crum to a new deal and facing a lot of critics. I wrote about the new AD’s “curious Jurich juggernaut” and noted that he was on a “honeymoon of harmony” in the department. In the intervening years, Jurich has transformed U of L athletics to a place few imagined was possible – membership in the Atlantic Coast Conference, the construction of a host of new facilities on campus, and one of the most successful departments in the country. Find out what drives him in our interview.

Tom Jurich at his office at U of L

Here at home, there’s lots to talk about, from the first weekend of football season, Kentucky’s embarrassing place in the national spotlight, a new play at Actors and a discussion of Common Core standards. And there’s updates on Will Russell and Chris Thieneman, plus another incredible quote from my favorite Metro Councilman, Dan Johnson. Plus, a preview of changes at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium for Saturday’s home opener.

Nan Elpers at St. Francis High School. Photo by Bill Brymer
The 1998 Business First profile of Tom Jurich
The 1998 Business First profile of Tom Jurich