Zero to Nifty with Bob Sokoler and Cabo Wabo’s John Witten

Bob Sokoler likes his gadgets

A week that started at zero ended up with an emotional high in Louisville.

Frigid cold weather that forecasters reminded us constantly was a polar vortex producing the lowest temps in decades led panicked JCPS officials to call off school, and dozens and dozens of other businesses to shut down as well. Because it was too cold. Wimps.

But the big story was Bobby Petrino. After Charlie Strong announced he’d taken the job at Texas (much to the chagrin of a booster named Red McCombs), the search for a new football coach around here prompted a massive increase in call-ins to sports talk shows. But when the dust settled, the guy whose teams averaged 50 points a game here was the logical choice. Critics argued that Petrino’s personal peccadillos were too troubling, but by week’s end most everyone in town is on board. And pumped about going to Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium next fall. A gutsy Tom Jurich simply chose the coach most likely to win.

This week’s Most Interesting People in the ‘Ville are Bob Sokoler and John Witten. Bob is among the city’s top real estate professionals, and certainly the most technologically astute. He tells me about the outlook for sales of residential properties in 2014 and how he’s using drones to video houses. Witten, president of the Cabo Wabo organization, came in to talk about how this little 21-year-old bash became the social highlight of the winter here. Check out the Cabo Wabo party at the Mellwood Saturday night, where you can boogie with the famed Louisville Crashers. It’s all on this week’s Rusty Satellite Show.

Here’s a video that Bob and I did in his office. I’m awaiting payment for the testimonial.