Over The Edge with RoBo and Gilda’s Club; Tik Tok Lessons with Bryan Starr


Here’s an idea — let’s go rappelling down the side of the Hyatt Regency downtown. Somebody must have said something along those lines at a meeting of the local Gilda’s Club organization. Next week, Bob Murphy, aka RoBo, is going to do just that to raise money for the non-profit that helps families dealing with cancer.

Murphy’s never done anything like this before, and admits to a fear of heights, but it appears his fear of not following through with his pledge is the bigger fear. Murphy and dozens of others, all of whom will commit to raising $1,000 for Gilda’s Club, will rappel down the 18-story Hyatt May 21. We’re joined by Jonathon Raley, the organization’s development director. In a time when fund-raising for non-profits requires a lot of creativity and risk, this seems a worthy endeavor. Check it out, and sign up, here.

My previous impression of Tik Tok was that it’s just another social media site where people try to call attention to themselves. But Bryan Starr sees it as a vital component for any business interested in selling its products. Starr, a videographer who had spent much of his time doing weddings, had to pivot as a result of COVID, and became obsessed with Tik Tok. He eventually built an audience of half a million followers, and decided to create a how-to series on how to build you Tik Tok audience. I think you’ll agree it’s an idea worth looking into.

Where do you come down on the Bob Baffert issue? To me, it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which the 7-time Derby winner finds an excuse for the drugs discovered in Medina Spirit’s system. Baffert, who was being praised for his brilliance two weeks ago, now seems destined to be known as the all-time cheater among trainers. His horse is scheduled to run in Saturday’s Derby, for now, but results of another test could alter that, and the distribution of the Derby’s $1.86 million winner’s purse.

Crime stories are some of my favorites, and none has had me laughing as hard as the recent story of a 24-year-old woman who complained at the Main Event in J-town that her drink wasn’t strong enough. The bartender offered another shot at full price, which caused a “verbal confrontation.” Later, the woman found the bartender on a smoke break and beat her up, and said she thought the bartender treated them poorly because her group didn’t tip. Which she should have.

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This was the week I met my eight-month-0ld grandson Matthew Parker Redding for the first time, all part of a big week at home. It’s all in the 396th episode of the ‘Ville’s longest-running and most interesting podcast, the Rusty Satellite Show.