Rusty Goes Out — with Jonathan Lintner and Jeanne Hilt


How could one not to be optimistic in a week in which I saw a live music concert, spent a night on the Ohio River and toured a spanking new facility in Butchertown? While you can still find plenty of bad news in local media, I’m choosing to look on the bright side as those in charge of Louisville City FC and Lynn Family Stadium prepare for the first game this Sunday.

with Jeanne Hilt at Paristown. Jonathan Lintner, right

Jonathan Lintner was on the show a while back, when he had the same job he has now. But this time he’s only been on the job for three weeks, and is responsible for publicizing this very cautious grand opening. Listen in as we talk about how the organization is going to get it done this Sunday.

The Fourth of July seemed like the perfect occasion to offer up what may have been the country’s first orchestral performance, at least according to Teddy Abrams, the Louisville Orchestra conductor who organized the show with musicians including Carly Johnson, Ben Sollee and Jecorey Arthur. I went back to Christy’s Garden at Paristown to talk with Jeanne Hilt, who had the challenging task of organizing the event while following a new set of rules for public events. She tells me there’s more to come.

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Teddy Abrams – 4th of July, Paristown