Rusty Meets Madame President; Mike Bohn Finds a Home at Angel’s Envy


Rusty welcomes the new University of Louisville president, and his new Facebook friend, Neeli Bendapudi. The new chief at U of L is friendly, engaging and eager to meet business leaders, alumni, students and faculty, and knows how to handle controversy. Listen in here, and join us for the Sept. 11 Breakfast of Champions.

Our Bourbon City Guest of the Week, Mike Bohn, is a Texan who learned early on that his real home was behind a bar. He got to Angel’s Envy after serving cocktails in some of New York’s finest restaurants. Here he’s introducing some interesting new cocktail classes at the Angel’s Envy tasting room on Main Street.

Your host is now a Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA), after taking a half-day course in which he aced the test, without studying. Friend of the show Chris Thieneman announced he’s running as an independent for Mayor, and our disgusting Governor announced that anyone who disagrees with him is like a drowning victim.

There’s plenty more, including an update on my Heuser Health regimen and my LASIK success at Eye Care Institute. Thanks also to Louisville Tourism and Passport Health Plan for sponsoring the city’s most interesting podcast.

Mike Bohn at Angel’s Envy