Rusty Rides with Tyler Allen; and Talks Tweets with Eric Crawford

Tyler Allen talks about downtown development



First, my apologies for the sound quality on the Tyler Allen interview on Rusty Satellite #18. But please listen anyway. I was  running late, my batteries died, and Tyler offered to take me on a driving tour of the mess that is downtown during the Ohio River Bridges construction. So I recorded the interview as we were driving up and down Market Street from NuLu to Ninth Street.

And you’ll want to listen to the interview with Eric Crawford as we talk about the writing of “The One-Day Contract” with Rick Pitino, the ways that social media has changed journalism and why the UK-U of L fan bases have gotten so surly and mean. Plus, later Eric told me about scores, which will be the subject of a future piece of journalism I’ll be writing.

In between, I talked about the new University of Louisville tenant for Nucleus and gave a shout-out to my former colleague at Business First, Ron Bath, who retired recently from the newspaper after being there, like, forever. Congrats to Ron.

Here are some of the downtown pictures I took while riding around with Tyler Allen (which may partially explain the poor sound quality of the interview):


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