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Diane Williamson and Angie Fenton

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Angie Fenton & Diane Williamson

This week’s podcast on the Rusty Satellite Show features Angie Fenton, who describes her media career and recent exit from the Voice-Tribune, as well as some antics she’s been able to be a part of as the go-to reporter on WHAS-TV’s Great Day Live. Angie also helps me make sense of news items about Jerry Abramson and U of L football.

angie fenton rusty satellite
Angie Fenton

I would describe Diane Williamson as smart, bubbly and gifted with a golden voice. Listen to the podcast to find out how she knows so much about cranes and jibs, and her dream job of helping single males with their profiles.

In the news, I take a look at the Governor’s Race for 2015, and the news from Fancy Farm that surprised me — a potential re-emergence into politics by former Metro Councilman and mayoral candidate Hal Heiner. I also talk about the chance Charlie Strong is taking by taking on running back Michael Dyer, who has some questionable character issues in his past involving drugs and guns.


Diane Williamson
Diane Wiliamson

I also have some opinions on state auditor Adam Edelen’s report on the state’s Emergency Management organization, which he says misused taxpayer dollars for meals, hotels and other things people in charge shouldn’t do, and ask why the Governor has already disciplined the people in charge.

So give me 40 minutes and listen to another great podcast on the network.