Super Show: Cassia Herron is Building a West End Grocery; Game-Snacking with Mae Pike


I’ve been feeling really Super lately, thanks to a rejuvenated workout routine and the KETO Diet I’m enjoying with the help of Home Cuisine and owner Mae Pike. And though Mae professes to know nothing about Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes, she is interested in helping you stay on track when you go to a Super Bowl party.

a healthy meal from Home Cuisine

We talk about that and other healthy ideas as Mae returns to the show. In the background you’ll hear the distinctive laugh of Caroline Knop, who voices a new :30 second spot for Home Cuisine debuting in this week’s show.

First up I talk with Cassia Herron, whose busy life includes running a non-profit, — Louisville Association for Community Economics (LACE) — that has as its goal to build a new co-op owned grocery store in the West End. Cassia has a full resume that includes serving in a leadership role with Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, and has an obvious passion for helping people. Thanks to Gill Holland for introducing us, and to Cassia for setting up the interview at the Republic Bank YMCA, a new structure I’d not visited before.

Therre’s plenty of news this week involving Rusty Satellite alumni — I was thrilled to see entrepreneur Lori Cheek on the cover of Today’s Woman — she’s moved back here from New York. And show favorite Tawana Bain recently purchased that magazine. Also, there’s news about a music concert in September.

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