The Football-Focused Life of Kelsey Petrino Scott; Taking Tech with Tarik Nally; and co-host Erin Jones


I’m happy to welcome in guest co-host Erin Jones for a great new podcast with some of the most interesting people in the ‘Ville. Erin and I worked together way back in the days of Louisville Mojo, and she’s gone on to create and operate her own business publicizing some of the city’s tremendous movers and shakers. Erin manages all this while simultaneously running a household with a husband and three children, including a set of twins. As you might imagine, she’s got a lot of energy.

My first guest is another mother of three whose family includes a lot of football coaches. Her dad, Bobby, made sure she was at a football game when she was just out of the womb. Her dad also called her a few years back and asked if she’d be interested in running the Petrino Family Foundation, which has grown into a full-time job with an office at the football stadium and a big budget to manage. Kelsey, of course, married a football coach, so it seems she may have been destined for a life in the sport. We talk about the Foundation’s activities and her busy life.

Who says Louisville doesn’t have its share of sharp young professionals? Tarik Nally is doing things here in technology and the digital world that you’d expect to be happening in a tech hotspot like San Francisco, but he’s happy to be operating our of a small office above the Please and Thank You coffee shop in NuLu. He has no shortage of great ideas, and you’ll hear about the first fully GREEN house in Kentucky.

Erin and I have plenty of say about politics, sports and what there is to do this weekend, from the Bowman Field Aviation Festival to the Blues at Garvin Gate.

Tarik Nally at Kale & Flax
I’m with guest co-host Erin Jones at the Please and Thank You in NuLu during a Gilmore Girls promotion.
Listen in for my talk with Tarik.
A pretty cool office location for Kelsey Petrino Scott.