Vogt Here: Entrepreneurs Matt Langan and Ricky Mason Are Getting it Done


The Vogt Awards have a 20-year history of identifying and encouraging local entrepreneurs. This week, we begin highlighting six of them with conversations with a couple of them: Matt Langan of Stuccco Virtual Staging and Ricky Mason of BrainSTEM University. Both will be presenting their companies at a DEMO DAY event Oct. 15. Matt and Ricky came to the EXP Realty office on N. English Station Road Tuesday for the interviews.

Perhaps I was too impressed with Langan’s history in golf – growing up with Justin Thomas and playing in college at Washington & Lee, but most of the interview concerns his virtual staging company, Stuccco. Langan won the Vogt Award by showing that virtual staging of homes is an effective way to present listings — and using professional designers to make empty houses look lived in.

Langan started the business after learning his father’s home building business, and as you’ll hear, came  up with the idea of marketing empty houses with virtual furniture. The idea got the attention of a local realtor, and now he’s got clients all across the country. And it’s one business that has grown thanks, in part, to the reluctance of home buyers to see houses in person.

Ricky Mason spent part of his 30th birthday in the EXP Realty studio talking with me about his amazing life story and even more incredible business. Mason grew up in Shively, and got his first break when he attended a private school where his mind was turned on by science. He later became a football star at Butler High, then briefly at UK. But his interest in science has taken him places.

On the BrainSTEM website, he describes himself as “the Rocket launching, Gun blazing, World Saving, App Developer, Maker and Robotics Engineer, Ricky Mason!” He tells me how he has taken the instruction of science and technology virtual, and is getting great results. He won the Vogt Award after less than two years in business.

I got to celebrate the Derby — cashing a winning ticket on Authentic with a Mint Julep in hand…..on my couch using the Twin Spires app. Like many sporting events, the Derby was an entertaining TV show this year, and let’s hope we’re all back at the track in the spring. The best news was there were no disruptions by protestors, who did their thing peacefully outside the gates.

This week, we’re starting up the football season, with a bunch of new rules that seem like they will take the fun out of it. But it’ll be great to watch on the ACC Network as my alma mater, Western Kentucky, takes on the Cards.

On Sunday, you can come see me at 8400 Biggin Hill Lane, where I’ll be holding an OPEN HOUSE from 2-4.

Thanks again to the Eye Care Institute, Heuser Health and EXP Realty for their support of the city’s longest-running and most interesting podcast.