Winging it West with Jerry Abramson; Food Network Star Damaris Phillips Delights

Damaris Phillips. Photo by Bill Brymer

Both our guests this week have spent the last few years making their mark on the world, but are happy to be celebrating Derby season in their hometown. Jerry Abramson, known around here at “Mayor for Life”, spent the last few years in President Obama’s West Wing, working long days and missing his family. Now he’s back as Executive-in-Residence at Bellarmine, and makes it clear he has no aspirations left for elected office. He’ll also be the featured speaker at our upcoming Breakfast of Champions on the Tuesday after Derby.

Damaris Phillips is one of the show’s most fun and enthusiastic guests, and talks about her days growing up here and working in local restaurants, in the days before she won a contest on the Food Network and became a TV personality. She’s participating in a big event at the Ali Center Derby Week, so tune in to hear all the tasty details.

Our friends at Passport made a game-changing decision this week, announcing plans to move to the West End, where at least 500 employees will work. The move is part of a series of positive messages in the city, including the announcement that a new $28 million YMCA will be built next door to the site that seemed slated for a Walmart at 18th and Broadway. More positivity comes in the form of a new bike sharing program starting up in May, and we learned this week some of the big names coming to town for September’s Bourbon and Beyond festival. All in all, a lot of good coming soon, but this week’s it’s the start of the Derby Festival and a potentially rainy Thunder on Saturday. Join me to discuss all this on the 198th episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Damaris Phillips. Photo by Bill Brymer
Jerry Abramson at Bellarmine, posing with a photo from the West Wing