#359 — Tawana Bain’s Encore; Cara Silletto’s Magnet Culture


The two accomplished entrepreneurs featured this week have pivoted nicely during the pandemic, and both have plenty of interesting things to say about it.

At Encore with Tawana Bain

Tawana Bain was on the show back in February 2018 to promote the Derby Diversity Summit, a gathering of diverse business leaders taking place during Derby Week. That’s now an established success, but of course plans have changed due to COVID. But Bain’s entrepreneur credentials are further enhanced by her leadership in turning Encore on 4th into a recognized spot for dining and nightlife. Listen in as she explains her goal of helping boost the city’s reputation for black nightlife.

For Cara Silletto, building her business and gaining a national reputation were going quite nicely, thank you, as she traveled most weeks to give corporate training on culture and workplace issues. Then she was grounded, and switched to Plan B, which includes a lot of virtual training. And she’s just renamed her company, which has 11 empl0yes, to Magnet Culture, which you’ll hear is a more fitting to do what she does.

with Cara Silletto

Both women have juggled the demands of running businesses with the new reality of raising kids who are at home a lot.

While another restaurant shut down for good (Rye on Market) I tell you about my experiences at two relatively new locally-owned venues in Jtown. That city’s Gaslight Festival announced the postponement of much of its festival. The Omni Hotel pushed its opening date back again. Baseball is back, but it’s weird. And get ready for the potential for violence this week, as a black militia group announced a gathering at Central High School, prompting a white group to announce plans to gather against them. Of course, they’re all armed.

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