#371- Jou Jou Papailler’s Work is By Design; Lillian Brents Bids to Drive the TARC Union Bus


Both Jou Jou Papailler and Lillian Betts met me at the Hikes Point Heine Bros. this week, where we enjoyed refreshment and sunny skies. The coffee shop experience, I’ve found, is pretty good — not a lot of people around, plenty of room to talk privately. You should try it.

Since he was on the show two years ago, Jou Jou has gotten his main project produced, a first-episode of a series called By Design, which you can watch right now on Amazon. It’s good, and he’s got a role as a rebound buy for a divorcee. He explained to me the challenges in getting more episodes done, which I think will happen soon. He’s also involved in other projects that I believe will come to screen in the near future.

Lillian Brents, a bus driver and single mother of 5, wants to lead the TARC union. She tells me that the current leadership of the union (she’s running against the incumbent and two other women) has lost touch with membership, and advocates for safety, hazard pay and training for drivers.

The election is Oct. 18, and will be held in person at the union hall. We wish her the best.

Speaking of elections, you can vote at several places right now. I think this system, voting over several weeks in a handful of locations, is much better than the old way. In fact, we may look back in a few years at how silly it was to have polling locations in every neighborhood and ask everyone  to vote on the same day.

You’ll find a tax question on the ballot — YES of NO to contributing more of your tax money to JCPS. I’ll tell you why the tax increase won’t pass.

Last week, I told you about an Open House in Stony Brook — well, we got an offer, above asking price, which made our sellers extremely happy. It’s just another example of how hot the real estate market is — if you’re looking for a home, and think it’s time to sell, give me a call at 502-439-6391.

On Monday, I’ll be going in for a 2nd surgery on my left ankle, to remove a titanium rod that has somehow cracked. But the show will go on. See you next week, and thanks to the Eye Care Institute, Heuser Health and eXp Realty.