A Million Diapers with Emily McCay; Local Media from the Inside with Stephen George

Diaper Fairy

We’re talking with and about people, interesting people, on this week’s Rusty Satellite Show. My first guest is Emily McCay, who operates a thriving business in the Highlands on Bardstown Road. This business just reached a major milestone, having delivered one million diapers to growing families in the area. Emily’s Diaper Fairy Cottage has a green message about natural parenting as well.

I’ve known Stephen George since he was the editor at LEO Weekly. Since then, he’s worked in media in Nashville and for Rep. John Yarmuth in our nation’s capital. Now he’s returned home as News Editor at Insider Louisville, a really good move for the online media outlet. We talk about local media and his plans for reporting on business at IL. 

I made note of some other newsworthy folks this week — Metro Councilman Dan Johnson has more money woes and ex-Male principal David Mike won’t go away. The new Miss Kentucky is a U of L volleyball player who won the pageant in her first attempt. And I got to hear from one of our city’s business kingpins, Signature Healthcare’s Joe Steier, at the Breakfast of Champions. And Wild and Woolly, one of the city’s last video stores, is closing down.  Thanks for downloading another great episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Insider Louisville’s Stephen George
Emily McCay of The Diaper Fairy Cottage