A Mural from Mario Muller; Making Haymarket with Matthew Landan

Matthew Landan serves it up at Haymarket

Thanks goodness that’s over with. That’s the sentiment among most folks I’ve talked with about the 2014 election. No more political ads on TV, for at least a little while, though the 2015 race for Kentucky governor is going to be very competitive.

My guests are about as far from politics as I could get. Mario Muller is a nationally-known artist who is currently working on a huge mural at the Kentucky Center for the Arts. I was able to catch up with him on the job site, and can’t wait to go back when he’s finished. One mile to the east, I popped in at the Haymarket Whiskey Bar to talk with Matthew Landan, the proprietor who has transformed the location from a quiet coffee shop to a thriving establishment that recently earned a turn on Esquire TV’s show, Best Bars in America

You’ll hear how the candidates who appeared on the Rusty Satellite Show did in the elections, and I talk about how fear of Ebola caused a local teacher to resign. There’s also an update on my airbnb experience and my journaling project with my son Luke. It’s all in an exciting episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.