A Pitch for Organ Donation with Stephanie Grooms; Destiny Monyhan Cheers Ambassadors


Spending a week on vacation was just the boost Rusty needed to get into the spirit of Derby season, starting with a milestone show — #250. That’s 250 consecutive weeks, making the Rusty Satellite Show the longest-running and most interesting podcast in the ‘Ville.

My first guest, Stephanie Grooms, has the important task of convincing you to sign up for the organ donor registry, so that if you should die unexpectedly, your body can be used to help someone else continue on the planet. She’s a delightful interview as well, with a colorful background that includes bartending in New York and being a tour guide in the Caribbean.

The Bourbon City Guest of the Week, Destiny Monyhan, is looking for ambassadors. She runs a new program at the Convention and Visitors Bureau that targets hospitality employees around town to learn a bit more about the city, all the better for showing it off right.

I’ve got a story or two from the road, including a crazy “I think I’ve been here before” moment, from my vacation in Ft. Lauderdale, the Bahamas and Miami. While I was gone, Governor Bevin opened his mouth and put his foot in it, and I say his apology for unacceptable remarks didn’t cut it. And Carolyn McLean had a big week at EatDrinkTalk in my absence, breaking the story about a new chef in town for Grassa Gramma in Holiday Manor.

Thanks to my friends at Heuser Health, Passport Health Plan and the Convention and Visitors Bureau for sponsoring another great episode of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Destiny Monyhan
Stephanie Grooms