A Yascone Sister has Faith; Lenny Mello is Top 50 Material; Fighting City Hall in Jeffersontown


Join me as I speak with Faith Hope Yascone, a delightful personality who has been successfully renting properties on Airbnb since 2013. Faith and her sisters Joy and Hope are especially exciting about the Christmas season, and showed off the beautiful decorations in their Old Louisville home.

You’ll also hear from one of the 50 best golf fitness instructors in the U.S., according to Golf Digest magazine. Lenny Mello’s business in the Louisville Tennis Center has grown dramatically since we first met three years ago.

Meanwhile, I’m fighting City Hall. I learned that Jeffersontown’s Code Enforcement department targeted me and one other property in the city for violation of its archaic short-term lease law. This occurred after a complaint from a neighbor at the other property, who could site no actual harm, just wrote of his extensive FEAR that something bad might happen in the house next door. And there had been zero complaints at my property. I suspect the Good Ole Boy network in Jtown is now on full alert is selectively citing citizens it has a beef with, for one reason or another.

In all, quite a episode worthy of your listening time. Thanks for paying attention, and please feel free to get in touch any time.

Faith Hope Yascone at home
Lenny Mello