Allie Martin’s Story of Fame and Fortune; Election Insight with Marc Murphy

Allie Martin

The Rusty Satellite adventure this week took me downtown, where I met two more of the most interesting people in the ‘Ville.

The Story Louisville HQ on Main Street has become one of my favorite spots, because inside you find some of the most energetic and fascinating people doing some really innovative things. For example, when a scheduled interview fell through at the last minute, I was able to meet and talk with Allie Martin. The entrepreneur and I had much in common – we both were involved in a morning TV show a decade ago, we are graduates of WKU, we do regular podcasts and both of us were spurred into doing our own thing when corporate America said our services we no longer required.  Today Allie runs her own branding/PR business, runs a podcast about spa-life, and recently appeared on the Rachael Ray show.

Marc Murphy

Because I love his cartoons and point-of-view, Marc Murphy is one of the first people I think of when it comes to local politics. So I called him up to talk about the fallout from the recent election. As I’ve said, Marc noted that Matt Bevin lost not because Kentucky has turned into a blue state, but because he’s such an (yes, he said this) asshole. Murphy used to work alongside Andy Beshear at Stites and Harbison, and has a positive outlook on the next administration. And you’ll want to listen to who he things has the best chance to beat Mitch McConnell next year.

Some Rusty alumni were in the news this week —  Brandon Coan said he’s not running again for his Highlands seat on the Metro Council; Tim Laird, America’s Chief Entertainment Officer, is retiring after 25 years at Brown-Forman, and seven former Rusty guests are on the star-studded Beshear transition team. Local government couldn’t have screwed up any worse in its handling of local golf courses, as Barry Bonifield at Crescent Hill became the third local pro to resign while the Mayor and Metro Council do nothing.

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