A Big Show of Thanks – with Coach Scott Davenport and Kris Sirchio

Coach Scott Davenport at Knights Hall

Rusty Satellite swings into Thanksgiving with a great show featuring Bellarmine basketball coach Scott Davenport and marketing expert Kris Sirchio, who talks about an exciting project affecting thousands of people around here in a good way.

Both Scott and Kris offered up inspiring stories about how they’re helping make Louisville a better place by inspiring others to do good work. Which is what life is all about.  I also invited Dan Vonderheide to be part of the show, because I wanted to express my own thank you to him. Dan created Louisville.am and edits my show, and others, every week. He called me in the summer and suggested I start a show for his new project, and what resulted is the Rusty Satellite Show. It’s amazing to start something from scratch and create a real thing with followers and sponsors and the opportunity to showcase what I call “the most interesting people in the ‘Ville.”

My own list of things to be thankful for include my three sons, who will be together in New Orleans this week. Nick Redding, 23, lives there, and I’m getting in a rental car with Josh (22) and Luke (15) to go and visit. I’m also thankful that Dr. Saloman was able to fix my torn meniscus and get me back on the racquetball court. I am thankful for the 44 guests who have agreed to be on the Rusty Satellite Show, for all the folks at Alpha Energy Solutions who make my job as marketing director so rewarding. I’m glad to have an outlet for my writing at Insider Louisville. And I’m thankful for Jason, who came up with the Rusty Satellite logo and web site and helps me with all things technical.

Mostly I’m thankful for the people who make my life so interesting, from my bowling pals to a very special girlfriend who has brightened my days. And nights.

Please spend a few minutes over the holiday with Rusty Satellite. Here are some links form the show:


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